10 Incredibly Easy Ways to Avoid Boredom during Pregnancy

Staying in bed all day may sound like a great relaxing summer vacation, but if you’re a pregnant woman, it feels more like a prison. Despite completing all your household chores, there are chances you might feel bored, exhausted and frustrated – especially if it’s final trimester of your pregnancy. Although it’s quite normal to feel bored during pregnancy, there are many things you can do to keep pregnancy boredom at bay and become more productive. Read Full Article on tackk.com.

8 Valuable Tips to Have a Great Maternity Photo Shoot

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered the worst time for taking photos of a woman. Nowadays, taking selfies and pictures through Smartphone has become a fashion. Many women, however, prefer to have a professional maternity photo shoot in order to preserve the memories of their journey to motherhood. If you’re the one who is planning to go for a maternity photo shoot, keep these valuable tips in mind to make the most of your maternity photo session as well as achieve stunning maternity photographs. Read Full Article on tackk.com.

8 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

We all know the importance of exercise during pregnancy! Not only it helps you stay fit, healthy and active, but also it ensures the proper growth and development of your unborn baby. While there are several exercises that are safe to perform during pregnancy, there are also some you should absolutely steer clear of in order to eliminate the risk of injury or sudden miscarriage. Here’s a list of exercises to avoid during pregnancy!  Read Full Article on Wobbly Walk Official Blog.


This is a guest post, written and published by Nishant Gupta – The Founder of Wobbly Walk. In this article Nishant has covered 10 useful tips through which a pregnant women can prepare herself for a normal delivery! Click here tho read this article on inspiringmeme.com.

8 Ways To Get More Energy During Pregnancy (Without Any Energy Drink)

Pregnancy is definitely a wonderful experience, but it also makes it quite challenging for an expecting mother to maintain an even level of energy all day. While experiencing chronic lethargy and fatigue is fairly common during pregnancy, persistent low levels of energy can prove extremely harmful to the health of both mother and her child. If you’re one of those expectant moms who often experience a dip in her energy levels, follow these eight natural ways to sustain a healthy flow of energy throughout your pregnancy. Read Full Article on Wobbly Walk Official Blog.

10 Surefire Ways to Beat the Summer Heat during Pregnancy

Although summer is considered the most precious and beautiful season of the year, it can also be a downright miserable time for a pregnant woman. From having swollen feet and ankles to sweating all the time, there are plenty of things a pregnant woman needs to deal with. However, keeping your pregnant body cool, comfortable, and safe during those hot and sticky days of summer is not that difficult, if you follow these ten quick and easy tips! Read Full Article on tackk.com.

8 Amazing Ways to Reduce Belly Fat after Pregnancy

While almost every woman tries her best to get back in shape after pregnancy, losing belly fat proves the toughest nut to crack for most of them. Sometimes it happens that even if you’ve achieved your pre-pregnancy weight; you’re still struggling hard to burn that little extra tummy fat. If that’s the case, here are some scientifically proven ways to help you reduce belly fat after pregnancy. Read full article on wobbly walk official blog.